It was late, I had just found a voxel zombie asset pack by Max Parata here on itch ( and I wanted to blast ’em – cue Danny DeVito blasting gif 

Anyway I downloaded the rigged versions and a dungeon set for a few bucks, imported my FPS_Controller.cs base script and started typing

This is a late night project that turned out cool looking and it has been escalating since then. I will be adding a bunch of stuff so follow the game here to get the latest version

You can play the game here:

Change Log:
Version 0.8.0
– Lock & Key (doors and keys)
– Stats at the end
– Second way to win (find the key and the door)
– Preparation for ‘Secrets’

Version 0.7.6
– New weapon models
– Fixed spawning out of level issue

Version 0.7.4
– New camera FOV, 
– New movement with re-introduced air control,
– New music
– Credits screen
– New cursor and adjusted in-game cursors
– fixed spikes not appearing
– fixed a couple of bugs nobody noticed yet

Version 0.7.0
– Extra enemy, the skeleton
– Pickups now cause a flash
– Shooting will alert nearby enemies
– Levels now have occlusion culling (optimization)
– Mouse cursor
– MUSIC – 2 new tracks

Version 0.6.0:
– Gamepad support is pretty much done
– Top-Down mode is pretty fun
– 4 very different weapons
– Spike gun is now pretty stable
– Blastable Limbs for the Zombies and of course gibs and voxel blood