Go for the head

A survival horror game in the vein of the old classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill for the PS1. It started out as a Unity tutorial, but has simmered and I have been tinkering with aspects of it and this past couple of weeks I have made some progress towards finishing up Episode 1 (chapter 1), here is a sneak peek (WARNING:SPOILERS):

I want to achieve the same mix of survival and puzzle solving through a city and potentially add some procedural elements and/or permadeath to increase replayability, possibly as difficulty modes.

The current build is a demo with what is currently ‘Episode 1’:
itch.io: https://swearsoft.itch.io/go-for-the-head
gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/dashboard/games/604154 or
here – on this site – in your browser:

You can see the tutorial series I did in Greek that started all this: