Deadly Harvest

Deadly Harvest is a physics based zombie sandbox game that started as a prototype for testing ‘zombie physics’.

The small prototype will be developed into a fully playable survival experience complete with hunger, thirst, stamina, breakable weapons and more to be revealed as the game progresses.

The main Features of Deadly Harvest include:

  • hilarious physics based combat.
  • sandbox: an open world in which you can play around with the elements.
  • survival: thirst, hunger, stamina and more.
  • day/night cycle that affects game-play.

These I think are essential to an Open world zombie game.

As a physics based sandbox game – Deadly Harvest – will feature a lot of cool physics based mechanics. The most obvious of these is the interaction with the zombies. More will be included and even more added after initial release.

  • machines – built out of junk parts,
  • farm vehicles – need gas,
  • breakable weapons / tools and a repair mechanic,
  • buildings that can be boarded up and provide temporary shelter.

Deadly Harvest will be a mix of physics based absurd fun during the day and survival horror during the night. It will most likely be possible to chose to play day, night or day/night cycle.

Another feature I want to invest in heavily is game session customization. So at one point you will be able to setup parameters and step into a world of your choosing. These would then be saved in a text file for easy sharing.

Follow the development of Deadly Harvest at !