Dominus Infernus

Take upon you the quest to vanquish the Lord of Hell

Explore caves, hack monsters, find loot, slash bosses, find more loot, complete quests, get even more loot.

This is at heart a Hack n Slash ARPG, you will click your mouse to Hell.

Strange creatures have started emerging from the depths of the earth. Nearby cities have been attacked.

You are a young – Warrior, Mage, Thief, Hunter – starting out life when your city is also attacked. You defend your fellow citizens as anyone would do, this leads you to the path of discovering who is behind all this as you explore dungeons, castles and nearby cities while you travel through the wilderness and follow mountain paths to long forgotten shrines to the Gods.

You evolve your abilities and are able to push back the forces of Evil that threaten not only your homeland, but the known world as well.

Along with the Single Player campaign an Online Mode will also be available. Join your friends and tackle specific quests or chapters. Targeting 4 players to begin with I am aiming for a Left 4 Dead meets Diablo sort of experience, in which you have fun hacking with your friends.

Basically ‘Dominus Infernus’ is a no-nonsense ARPG, focusing on the Action and Story part of the equation. I want people to complete the game, understand the story and have fun hacking ‘n slashing while exploring unique  environments and finding ‘cool loot’.

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