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Making the World Give a Damn About Your Game in 2018

In this talk, No More Robots’ Mike Rose discusses what currently works (and what doesn’t) when attempting to sell a game in 2018.

He breaks down how he uses Discord to grow a community around each game, making meta-games and basically explaining how gamers are basically hungry for entertainment and how you can keep them engaged with no budget:

How to Consistently Make Profitable Indie Games

Ryan Clark is the founder of Brace Yourself Games, and designer of games such as Crypt of the NecroDancer, Industries of Titan, IncrediBots, and more. In this podcast type ‘thingie’ he explains his process creating games with a ‘hook’ (or multiple hooks) in an attempt to include elements that are interesting to players around the world and thus will lead people to get interested:

How to pitch games to Paradox Interactive

In this talk people from Paradox talk about the things they look for in pitches and the things they do to make games that do well for them, they explain their ‘pillars’ and of course this is invaluable insight into a successful game’s company process from which you can learn a couple of things even if you aren’t aiming to ‘pitch to them’: