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How to pitch games to Paradox Interactive

In this talk people from Paradox talk about the things they look for in pitches and the things they do to make games that do well for them, they explain their ‘pillars’ and of course this is invaluable insight into a successful game’s company process from which you can learn a couple of things even if you aren’t aiming to ‘pitch to them’:

You Don’t Need a F-ing Publisher

This talk – despite the title – is actually about what you should expect a publisher to do, more than how you don’t need one. It is also a warning message to developers that get contacted by tons of ‘publishers’ when they release their game.

Of course it also has a ton of advice for self-publishing and getting your work out there without a publisher, speaker is also quite entertaining:


Auto-targeting and Roll evade

Some updates I made as the alpha has been given to people to check out. I also worked on the character controller and camera controller in general, making tweaks and speed adjustments to make it more enjoyable and smooth for the testers.